Our story ...so far

There’s a whole world of food out there just waiting to be explored.

A world of spices and colours, sizzles and smells. Of secret recipes and even more secret ingredients, passed across tables in noisy restaurants and down through generations. Flavours we can’t even describe. In combinations you wouldn’t believe.

For us, there’s nothing more exciting than discovering these tastes. It’s our passion. Our obsession. It gets us up in the morning and into the kitchen, never knowing exactly what we’ll come across next.

Taste new flavours


We’re here to share world cooking with everyone.

Flavours you might have tasted once on your own far-flung adventure. A meal you’ve always wanted to try. And a whole world of other ingredients you haven’t even heard of yet. All sitting together in a carefully chosen menu, handpicked from across the map.

How can one restaurant do all that?

It’s simple. We get right to the source and talk to people. Hear stories of the food they love. Learn from the masters of their craft. Take inspiration from places where exotic ingredients quite literally grow on trees and recipes are a matter of real local pride. Discovered like this, these dishes become second nature. So we can serve them up to you confidently and proudly.

Welcome to our world

Want to find out what Mexicans really have in the morning? (Hint: it’s not a breakfast burrito). Maybe unlock the mystery of the ‘tiger bites pig’? Take tea like they do in Morocco? Or discover whether pide (that’s Turkish pizza) can match its Italian rival?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

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